Use Your Dining Room Lately?

diningroomNo? I didn’t think so.

Surveys have revealed that three out of four families report eating their meals someplace other than their dining room.

For most of us the dining room table has become a collecting place for several kinds of things. But not used much for eating.

Most families eat in the kitchen or in front of a television in the family room/living room.

The days of entire families sitting around the table at the same time and eating are fading fast. Busy schedules prevent us being able to be home at the same time and often that is the case in my home as well.

kitchenrangeSo what is to become of the formal dining room? You know, the room my grandmother warned me not to go into or sit on the chairs, or play under the table?

Home design experts say that there are many ways that space can be effectively used other than as a storage space for furniture and china. The home office for example. This space is about the right size and would make a great home office. Just make sure you have adequate electrical outlets, lighting, and ventilation.

Expand your kitchen! Everyone likes a big kitchen! This may be your chance to install that gas range or gourmet food prep table you’ve been dreaming of for years. If your formal dining room is adjacent to the kitchen you may be in luck. Before you start knocking out walls, make sure you have an architect check out your plans so that it will be structurally sound.

Open up your living room.  Everyone seems to be searching for a home with an “open feel”. Lots of space in the family or living area. Having the dining room’s closed off space opened up can meet that expectation. It can greatly enhance your living space and family time.
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