The Montgomery ISD Bond Vote

MISD School Bond Vote

MISD School Bond Vote

The upcoming vote on the Montgomery ISD Bond issue is a critical event for the county of Montgomery and will affect all residents and homeowners.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, this region is experiencing phenomenal growth. Even with the price of oil dropping to around $50 a barrel jobs remain in a steady growth pattern.

Since the beginning of 2015 here’s what a few of the big energy sector companies have done or announced: Halliburton’s announced 6,400 layoffs, Schlumberger 9 thousand more let go, and Baker Hughes officials announced plans in late January to cut 7,000 jobs worldwide.

Despite all of these jobs lost, the overall jobs market is doing fine in the county and homes continue to command higher and even record higher prices.

So the growth is not going to stop. It probably won’t even stall. The $256,750,000 MISD bond plan includes “bonds for the construction, acquisition and, equipment of school buildings in the District (including the rehabilitation, renovation, expansion and improvement thereof), including construction and equipment of a new elementary school, construction and equipment of a new junior high school and construction and equipment of a new high school, District-wide safety and security upgrades, technology upgrades,the purchase of necessary sites for school buildings, and the
purchase of new school buses, and the levying of the tax in payment.”

The update, renovation, and construction of schools is one of the key factors in managing rapid population growth. Other concerns that are being actively built include more medical facilities, electricity, water, and other utility grid improvements, and finally, YES, highways, parking, and traffic flow improvements.

the woodlands highway construction

the Woodlands highway construction

Anyone who has been traveling north on Interstate 45 during rush hour can testify to the much needed improvements that have to happen soon before the entire freeway system starts to shut down. Getting into the Woodlands at certain times of the day is nearly impossible unless you know of obscure shortcuts through old neighborhoods.

But those improvements are happening as we speak. Highway construction is “ramping up” (no pun intended) and many sections are being completed now.

The bond proposal, if passed on May 9th, is projected to cost the average homeowner about $7.71 per month for a home valued at $200,000.
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