Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival 2014

Here it comes! The 25th annual Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival is this coming weekend.

Downtown Conroe is converted into a massive complex of music stages, food outlets, carnival rides, and special attractions for all ages. You’ll be astounded at the variety of ways you can fry, bake, or otherwise prepare catfish! And all of them are […]

Festivals and Tournaments of Lake Conroe

Fishing and Tennis and Golf and BBQ and Blues and more!

All the above are featured at festivals and tournaments around Lake Conroe. Some of these festivals and tournaments are nationally recognized. All of them are expertly organized, well attended, and a huge hit in the region bringing tens of thousands of visitors just for the […]

The Best Music Venues Around Lake Conroe

The Lake Conroe area was recently named one of the most exciting places in Texas. In fact, it finished ahead of Dallas! The music venues around Lake Conroe are part of what make it exciting. Festivals, fully produced musicals, concerts on the lawn, and nightclub bands are but a few of the ways you can […]