Tiny Gravel is Washing Out Of My Gutters – Should I Have Someone Check The Roof?

Tiny gravel is washing out of my gutters – Should I have someone check the roof?


You will probably notice that the stuff coming out of your gutters is the color of your roof shingles. If so, most likely you have had some damage caused by hail or the roof is simply wearing out.

With a newer […]

Check List For When Your Home Turns 50

Have you celebrated your 50th birthday yet? You know, the birthday where everyone teases you about getting old and how your mind and body will soon be wearing out! Your eyes are getting worse, your joints start to ache more often, and you just start physically slowing down.

Meanwhile, the home you live in has challenges […]

Foundation Damage – Plague Of SE Texas

Evidence of Foundation Damage

The house I grew up in was in the northeast corner of Harris County, TX. Foundation damage for homes in my area was common due to lack of engineered slabs and poor soil preparation. So many houses, including mine, sustained serious foundation damage.

The house was built about 1964 and still stands […]