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Oil and gas Fracking in our Lake Conroe Area National Forest: Dangerous to Drinking Water?

From: Wayne A. Stroman, 14500 Hwy 105, Conroe Texas 77304

This is for decision makers and anyone that is concerned about the quality of Lake Conroe’s surface (water from the Lake) and the area’s ground water (water from wells). You should read this as there may be an impact by oil drilling in our National Forest […]

City of Montgomery, Texas to Terminate Water Contracts with MUDs #3 & #4

They have drilled wells into the Catahoula aquifer and drawing its water to legally pull out of those contracts with Municipal Utility Districts No. 3 and No. 4 that are required by the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District to meet it’s regulatory plan – known as the Groundwater Reduction Plan.

The contract termination once it is […]

New 911 Service in Montgomery County

Making Montgomery County Texas a safer place to live!

Smart911 is coming to Montgomery County, Texas!

In fact, it may have already launched by now and is acclaimed to be the best upgrade our first responders could ask for.

Plus, Montgomery County is the first in Texas to establish Smart911 for their county.

So how is this better? You […]

Zika, West Nile Virus, and Mosquitoes – Montgomery County TX and Rainfall

In the last 30 days 19.3″ of rain has fallen as measured at the Lake Conroe Dam.

THAT is a huge amount of rain! Torrential rains and a continuous flow of precipitation over the last 3 or 4 weeks has caused not only river and stream flooding, but an enormous amount of water pooling over the […]

Exxon/Mobil’s New Home & Home Values

When Exxon/Mobile announced their plans to build a new complex near The Woodlands, TX in Montgomery County imaginations ran wild about how it would look and the impact it would have.

We no longer have to depend on our imaginations:

Freeways have been widened, additional shortcuts have been built, new lanes have been added, and multitudes of […]

Golf – More Reasons To Buy In Montgomery County

The newest golf community in Montgomery County is Bluejacket National. Not only does it have an amazing design and mature look for a new course, but it is carved out of ancient forests and surrounded by a magnificent golf course community!

The Playgrounds, a 10-hole short course also designed by Tiger Woods, offers a unique golf […]

New Conroe VA Clinic Opens

Woodlands Exit Off I 45

Part of the infrastructure that supports population growth in an area like ours are medical facilities.

Montgomery County is the 6th fastest growing county in Texas, according to the 2010 census, with a population of 455,746. This more than doubles the county’s population since 1990. Montgomery County is projected to […]

Conroe Airport Gets Facelift

It happened this past October with little fanfare: Lone Star Executive Airport had a name change to Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport. The name change was accompanied by a major makeover.

These changes included a $2.6 million international customs facility, and a new runway to accommodate larger aircraft and aircraft from new international flights.

Black Forest Ventures and […]

The Roads of Montgomery County

Walker County 1851

Since 1837, roads in Montgomery County have been critical to the growth and industry of the area.  In fact, I have a personal connection with the roads and highways of Montgomery County, Texas:

1837 Washington County Commissioners’ Court

April 4, 1837

April 4, 1837, Justice of the Peace/Commissioner William Robert from the Precinct of […]

Pictoral List of things to do on Lake Conroe

Rather than filling a page up with text about Lake Conroe, here’s a pictorial guide to some of the fun things to do ON Lake Conroe:


























Water Skiing







The Slow Party Boat






Jet Skiing















The list of things to do AROUND Lake Conroe is even bigger, but that’s a subject for another blogging day!
For all your Montgomery County Real […]