THE Five Most Popular Restaurants Around Lake Conroe

Here’s my choice of the top five restaurants you can find around Lake Conroe:

Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish –
The best place for catfish – prepared any way you can imagine – is right here in Montgomery County! Vernon’s has become the icon restaurant of Hwy 105. In 1984 with just ten tables and hard work, Vernon and […]

Festivals and Tournaments of Lake Conroe

Fishing and Tennis and Golf and BBQ and Blues and more!

All the above are featured at festivals and tournaments around Lake Conroe. Some of these festivals and tournaments are nationally recognized. All of them are expertly organized, well attended, and a huge hit in the region bringing tens of thousands of visitors just for the […]

Lake Conroe Fishing – Trophy Fishing Close To Home

It was a frosty 22 degrees just before sunrise! We have dedicated fishermen on Lake Conroe!

First, the fishing tournaments! The Toyota Texas Bass Classic periodically comes to Lake Conroe. It is far more than a fishing tournament. There are concerts, cookoffs, games for the children, and something for everyone – whether you fish or […]