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The Roads of Montgomery County

Walker County 1851

Walker County 1851

Since 1837, roads in Montgomery County have been critical to the growth and industry of the area.  In fact, I have a personal connection with the roads and highways of Montgomery County, Texas:

1837 Washington County Commissioners’ Court

April 4, 1837

April 4, 1837, Justice of the Peace/Commissioner William Robert from the Precinct of San Jacinto moved that the road from the Lake Creek Settlement to the City of Houston be continued north from the Lake Creek Settlement (Montgomery) to the town of New Cincinnati (due north of Huntsville).

On motion of William Robert. Resolved that the road from the City of Houston to Lake Creek Settlement be Continued to run North from Lake Creek Settlement in the most direct and practicable rout to New Cincinnatti on the Trinity and that William Clark, Job Collard, H. M. Crabb (my great great grandfather), John Caruthers and Ranson Alfin be appointed to survey said rout and report to this court at the next regular term thereof. (source)

Highway ConstructionAnd now for the roads and highways of Montgomery County 2015! Future roadways are being considered: “Though the plan outlines a number of proposed roadways, the routes are preliminary, and no engineering work has been completed yet, Mullins said. The idea of the plan is to preserve general corridors for a possible future roadway, such as a new connection from FM 1486 to FM 149 or Hwy. 242 and Hwy. 105.”

One successful outcome of this planning would be the Fish Creek Thoroughfare. Fish Creek Thoroughfare, incorporated into the plan years ago, used designs by a subdivision developer to extend McCaleb Road, bridge over a rail road crossing, and connect to Woodforest Subdivision and Hwy 1488. By doing it this way no homes were impacted in the new connecting road.

In recent years, voting has not gone as well to fund some of these road and highway projects. But discussions will continue as they have since the overall road and highway plan started in 1979.  Since 1837!

Without this kind of planning room for road right of way will get left out of construction projects, subdivision developments, and utility easements.

Like they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

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