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The Waterwall Houston - Notice the Green St Augustine Lawn

The Waterwall Houston – Notice the Green St Augustine Lawn

Regions of the United States have distinct climates. In addition, micro climates can have characteristics of their own that present unique challenges.

In the Houston area, southeast Texas, there are a few peculiar things to remember when taking care of a lawn or garden year round. Here’s a collection of the best from the web for this region!

From Buchanan’s Native Plants:

  • Keep the moisture level up in your compost pile. This time of year we have a lot more dry material to add to the pile. Use a garden hose to water the pile as needed.
  • Continue planting trees, shrubs, rose bushes and perennials. Planting now will ensure better survival next spring/summer and earlier growth and blooms.
  • Plant fall and winter color – pansies, dianthus, snapdragons, alyssum, ornamental kale and cabbage, dusty miller, etc.
  • Replace dead grass with St. Augustine sod. Weeds will sprout in dead patches if you don’t. New sod will be well-established by spring.
  • Apply pre emergent weed control such as corn gluten or Barricade to prevent weeds from sprouting.
  • Winterize the lawn with an organic, slow release fertilizer.
  • Plant herbs and winter veggies. Cilantro, parsley, dill, mint, lavender and rosemary. Lettuce, spinach and other greens are just weeks from the salad bowl. Start onion sets, leeks and garlic now for spring harvest.
  • Plant bulbs between Halloween and Thanksgiving for the holidays: Crocus, anemones, freesia, ranunculus, alliums, lycoris, etc. Plant paperwhites in pots by November 11th (Armistice Day) for blooming in time for Christmas. Refrigerate tulips until New Year’s Day, then plant every two weeks through Valentine’s Day for longer bloom time.
  • Plant wildflower seeds through November – bluebonnets, paintbrush, larkspur, etc. Also plant sweet pea seeds in November for better results in spring.
  • Last chance to get that mulch down before the weather gets cold. The mulch you applied last spring is long gone! Protect roots and maintain moisture while keeping weeds to a minimum with a 3-inch layer of the mulch of your choice — pine straw, bark mulch, compost, leaves.

And from Houston Lawn Care and Landscape Services:

If you are looking for extra work and, in your estimation, your lawn could or should look greener through the winter season, plant some perennial rye grass, which needs cutting every 2-3 weeks and your lawn will look like a golf course fairway all winter! Do not purchase annual rye grass! Annual rye grass will have you mowing every week! The seeds from rye grass will die out with the next season’s heat but a few seeds might even survive for the next winter season.

St Augustine Lawn Fungus

St Augustine Lawn Fungus

Use a broadcast spreader to apply a turf fungicide if your lawn appears to be yellowing from brown patch. Brown patch is a fungal bacterium in the soil that lays dormant in the hot summer months and becomes active in the cooling weather. It will appear as circular rings and the rings usually have a tendency to grow and expand. This fungal bacterium breeds in the soil from a combination of over-watering and poor drainage, which cause stagnation of the soil’s balanced nutrients. A good product to purchase is Turfcide, a granular treatment available in a 50-pound bag. Apply at the recommended rate and repeat the treatment as suggested on the product label until your grass regains its normal, healthy green color. If your lawn has developed a fungal condition for the first time, this is a good reminder to check your sprinkler system’s operating time and reduce the run time.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Gardening!

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