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New 911 Service in Montgomery County

cellphone911Making Montgomery County Texas a safer place to live!

Smart911 is coming to Montgomery County, Texas!

In fact, it may have already launched by now and is acclaimed to be the best upgrade our first responders could ask for.

Plus, Montgomery County is the first in Texas to establish Smart911 for their county.

So how is this better? You will be able to register cell/mobile phones and information online so that when you use your phone to dial 911, they will know your address, medical information, and a host of other details that will help emergency response personnel arrive faster and better enabled to handle your situation.

This service provided by Rave Mobile Safety, also gives the caller the capability of sending a text message to 911 if the voice signal is bad.

If you need to dial 911 the call taker and first responders will already know if you or anyone in your family has any medical conditions like asthma, heart failure, diabetes, autism, PTSD, or any other disabling condition.

You also have the ability to take photos of your family members and link to their emergency profile in case someone goes missing. Armed with that information, law enforcement or search and rescue staff can immediately begin the search in those first few minutes when the crisis begins.

You can also provide emergency contact phone numbers, vehicle information, medical equipment, utilities, floor layout, medications, allergies, and animals in the home.

The information you provide is protected by “the same secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate authority and encryption technologies used by leading financial institutions” (source) and has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, and FOX News.

This is a great addition to the emergency services provided to the residents of Montgomery County. This will not only save time but prevent mistakes from being made at the scene thanks to having all the information they need.

Smart911.com is the place to sign up.

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