Montgomery County Lake Conroe Still Growing - FAST!

Thanks to being so close to a large city like Houston, the area around Lake Conroe has exploded with growth. This growth includes residential homes, retail outlets, service industry business, manufacturing, schools, and highways to accommodate all the new traffic.

Montgomery county is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the US. Recently ranked at #5, Montgomery county and Lake Conroe are also adding jobs as well. The additional jobs and people relocating here are driving the home supply smaller and causing the home values to increase.  Even though home builders are working at a feverish rate to build homes, they cannot keep up with the demand for more residential homes. The result is an ever shrinking supply of homes for sale and shortened amount of time homes are on the market for sale.

Exxon’s New Campus North of Houston

In addition, the resale prices of homes has been rising just as fast. In my neighborhood it is not uncommon to see 30% to 40% gain in value over just a few years. I suspect that trend will not continue at that rate for much longer. Home prices tend to stay fairly stable in this region.

Developments like April Sound, Walden, Del Lago, Bentwater, Seven Coves, Point Aquarius, Corinthian Point, and Grand Harbor are all busily building on vacant lots and selling their remaining inventory of available lots. Before long, there will need to be more improvements to I45. I45 is the main traffic link between Houston and Dallas. With the exploding population around Lake Conroe and The Woodlands the new traffic will easily overwhelm the infrastructure in place. Construction projects are already underway to alleviate the traffic around Lake Conroe and the Woodlands, but by the time it is finished it will be too small.

That’s normal for the Houston area. Over the decades I have seen the same thing happen over and over with suburban growth and the growing pains for water, utilities, and roads. There is a Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan project underway to address what type of solution there should be. The completed plan is estimated to be ready February 2015.

Houston’s Texas Medical Center

The energy sector is not the only jobs growth game in town. In fact, it is not even the largest. The Houston health care industry is #1! “Houston’s health care industry posted more jobs than any other industry, according to a new report.

Houston’s major hospital systems dominated a list compiled by Simply Hired Inc., a search engine site for jobs. The list’s top five companies were hospital systems, and a majority of the top 20 were in the health care industry.”

The area is very diverse in what jobs are offered, there is plenty of room to grow, and the future looks bigger than ever!

Lake Conroe – A fun place to live and play!

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