July 4th Weekend News: Lake Conroe Dam will not have any Official Fireworks this Year - Ban on Aerial Displays in Place

There are no fireworks at the Lake Conroe Dam this year for 2011. Walden and Bentwater have previously cancelled their fireworks display. The Conroe – Lake Conroe Area Chamber of Commerce never scheduled one and it was falsely reported and blogged on the Internet on several unofficial sites like Activerain. The last time the Conroe – Lake Conroe Area Chamber of Commerce had one was 6 years ago and I was a sponsor.

So when I heard that there was going to be fireworks at the Lake Conroe Dam I got excited and planned a party for family and friends to view them. I was surprised that the The Conroe – Lake Conroe Area Chamber of Commerce did not solicit my donation but it did not really bother me.

I thought “No Aerial Fireworks!”.  This is very sad that the tradition of watching fireworks on Lake Conroe will be broken by the law, officially! 

Then I called and confirmed that the La Torretta Lake Resort is having a Fireworks display Sunday at 9:15 pm or about dusk. This means it will be packed on Lake Conroe in front of  La Torretta Del Lago!

There will also be a laser light show at Bentwater one blog is reporting!  This will be interesting. If I get to see it there is one thing I will miss: The BANG just like my ancestors heard from war’s guns. That is one association I have to Independence Day.

If we have some cloud cover and strong enough lasers it could show well from shore but they are reporting: A “LASER show will take place at Bentwater, but will have limited visibility and viewable by residents only.” Congratulation to Bentwater and their residents!

Walden property owners – Bad News and Good News – Bad News First – Due to the extreme drought conditions and the recent fires in neighboring areas, the Fire Marshall has asked that we voluntarily cancel our fireworks display that was scheduled for the evening of July 3.  In order to avoid any potential for fires, Walden CIA has agreed to cancel the fireworks show.  Our neighbors in Bentwater and the Woodlands have also cancelled their displays. 

Good News for Walden – The WCIA team has been scouring the area for a substitute for the fireworks since last Friday and have found a fabulous laser show set to patriotic music.  The Board has approved the booking of the show for Sunday, July 3, as a replacement for the fireworks.  So, the laser show will be on Sunday evening, and everything else (the parade on Saturday, the Yacht Club buffet on Sunday) will go forward as planned.  Plus, as an added bonus, the Freedom Flight Squadron, under the Command of Walden’s Sam Ward, will be doing a flyover around 7 PM on Sunday, as well as their usual flyover on Saturday at the end of the parade.

More bad news – Walden did not tell us where the show will be held! One must guess it will be at the Walden Yacht Club.

I also talked to “Rebecca” this morning at the Conroe, Texas – Convention & Visitors Bureau .  She reported that no fireworks are scheduled for Lake Conroe.  She also said the only fireworks scheduled are in the City of Willis, Texas for the weekend. Professional Fireworks Displays I am told are not banned by officials. She must not have known about the fireworks at La Torretta Del Lago.

Diamondhead on Lake Conroe – June 21, 2011 – COUNTY COMMISSIONER BANs FIREWORKS

Montgomery County Commissioners Court has issued a local disaster declaration banning the sale of fireworks in Montgomery County.   Mike Meador’s office has confirmed that this ban includes the USE of ANY fireworks at this time.

Diamondhead on Lake Conroe is asking every property owner to refrain from the use of ANY fireworks in the subdivision:

If you witness fireworks in use please contact the Montgomery County Sherriff’s office at 936.760.5800 to file a complaint or if you believe imminent danger is present please call 911.  

We will continue to monitor the Commissioners ruling on fireworks up through the Fourth of July holiday.    If the county wide ban is lifted we will notify all property owners and resume our normal procedure for ground based fireworks. 

Board will fine any and all property owners using aerial fireworks within the subdivision.

I talked with Blake Kellum of the SJRA and he said that they are open to a responsible association to come forward and organize a fireworks show at the Lake Conroe Dam where it has previously held by the Conroe – Lake Conroe Area Chamber of Commerce or on the park on island just west of El Rancho Escondito on Lake Conroe.

Perhalps the LCA or the Lake Conroe Area Chamber of Commerce can plan and organize this in the future. For now the possibilities for this July 4th weekend are very small.

Here are more links:

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Dry Conditions Could Trigger Aerial Fireworks Restrictions

I will still have fun listening to a live band!

Be Safe and Enjoy the Holiday!

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