Lake Conroe Communities Network and Texas A&M Researchers Hold Public Forum

The meeting was about the details of an Impact Study to be performed by Texas A&M University. It was not about  the San Jacinto River Athority, SJRA Plan to reduce the draw of ground water from the aquifer. It was about predicting the lake level results based on historical data. The facts show that we do get an occasional drought. With the historical data they can predict what lake levels may be like on certain years when there is low rainfall combined with other inflows that raise the level minus draw down water scheduled amounts by the SJRA and expected evaporation. They can then calculate what a bad year would be like and how many and to what degree we may expect.

The hype was to ensure that the researchers at Texas A&M get the grant money for a new Economic impact study. I think that in the future the lake level will be easier to manage because it will not be full all the time with the required draw downs for drinking water mandated by the Texas Law to protect the Aquifer under Montgomery County. As they start the drawing the Phase 1 allowed 25,000 acre feet in 2016 the water over the dam or the annual release to keep the lake from flooding waterfront houses will be less. No mention in that meeting that the average annual release from Lake Conroe has been over 7’. The negative effects felt will be in the bad drought years which seem to happen about every 13-17 years. This will mean we may see 18 months of low levels of up to 10’. This probably will not happen to that degree untill after 2046 when they can start drawing down the Phase 4 final maximum draw down of 100,000 acre feet in a year which is over a 4’ drop from the mean pool height of 201’ ASL.

The Lone Star Groundwater Conservative District was created in 2001 by the Texas Legislature and after extensive research has mandated a 30% reduction in groundwater usage, starting January 1, 2016. See this article for more information.

The SJRA Plan will allow for the following annual reduction of water from Lake Conroe to be used to supplement the Conroe-Woodlands municipal city drinking water system:

25,000 acre feet starting 2016

50,000 acre feet starting 2025

75,000 acre feet starting 2035

100,000 acre feet starting 2045

See this article for more background on the details of The SJRA Plan.

The Lake Conroe Communities Network (LCCN) was formed to “To help protect and enhance the quality of life and development of the Lake Conroe area through community influence and sharing of information.” They facilitated this meeting at the Montgomery High School Auditorium, January 31, 2011 at 7 pm.

SJRA commissioned a study of the lake level impact of the 30% reduction by Freese and Nichols. They showed several slides of the study and some have the opinion that the reductions will have a material impact on the lake level.

We can all start now with the little things in our everyday life that can make a difference.

“Montgomery County residents should begin adopting rain water containment and reuse systems for their homes. Fix leaky faucets, plumbing and lower lawn watering cycles. If we begin to conserve it will change and improve the future for water in Montgomery County”

The LCCN is trying to take a proactive look at what the economic impact of the mandate will have versus a reactive wait and see. So the LCCN has commissioned Texas A&M to assess the economic impact for Montgomery County. They will be looking at 5 factors over 16 months.

1. Review of lake level study

2. Property Value

3. Survey of Residents

4. Survey of Businesses

5. Sales tax analysis

As part of the Texas A&M study they will be randomly selecting residents/businesses around the lake for information via a survey. They ask that if you receive one of the surveys please take the time to fill out on-line.

The LCCN will have the complete list of Q&A’s posted to their web-site within the next month.

Two additional meeting are planned to pass along updates and review findings. Rough dates are Oct 2011 and Summer 2012.

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