Lake Conroe Boating - When Sudden Storms Approach

Lake Conroe LighthouseLiving close to Lake Conroe provides daily inspiration. I routinely see the sun rise over a myriad of different looks over the lake. Migratory birds, the moments when the lake is calm and serene, and watching sail boats all remind me why I love living so close to the water.

I am also inspired to encourage boat owners to use caution, employ common sense, and rely on training on basic “seamanship” skills when on the lake.

A boating incident from this last weekend brought that cautionary note back to the headlines: “Boaters Rescued From Sunken Boat On Lake Conroe”.

“Rough water and high winds caused a boat to sink on Lake Conroe Saturday afternoon forcing the rescue of several people.

Storm on Lake Conre

New Waverly Firefighters were dispatched to reports of a sinking boat on the North end of Lake Conroe. Firefighters responded with New Waverly Rescue Boat 71.

Once on scene, firefighters reported high winds and wave heights of four to six feet near the FM 1314 bridge.”

The story ended well in that no one was injured. The situation could have ended much worse. Thanks to the quick response of the New Waverly firefighters and New Waverly Rescue Boat 71 the boat passengers were rescued.

About two weeks ago tragedy struck Mobile, Alabama:MOBILE BAY, Ala., April 26 (UPI) — Bodies have been recovered in Mobile Bay, Ala., as the U.S. Coast Guard continues to search for missing sailors after a sudden storm caused boats to capsize during a race.”  A sudden storm with winds of 80 mph destroyed quite a few boats – leaving several dead.

If you are on the lake and you know a storm is approaching: In a small boat, everyone not already doing so should don a life jacket. The operator should head for the nearest shore and beach the boat, if necessary. It is best to find a shore on the downwind (leeward) side of the land.

Lightning is a dangerous part of bad weather. At the first sign of lightning boaters should lay fishing rods flat on the deck and lower or remove antennas. If possible, get to a safe harbor. Being on open water during a lightning storm can be a terrifying experience.

In the spring and summer months weather is unpredictable. And when I say “unpredictable” I mean it can go from a perfect day of weather to life threatening thunderstorms, lightening, high winds, and high waves. Small boats, as in the ones most commonly found on Lake Conroe, are not meant to withstand “4 to 6 foot waves”.  Regardless of how skilled of a boater you may be you cannot overcome wind gusts of 40 to 60 kts and 6 foot waves in a small craft.

Pay attention to weather radio warnings and forecasts. Watch the horizon for dark clouds. Look out for a sudden temperature drop, rapid wind shift or change in speed, static on the AM radio, which might indicate an approaching thunderstorm, or a drop in barometric pressure (check a barometer).

Enjoy the lake. Lake Conroe has given me a lifetime of inspirational moments. Don’t let a sudden storm catch you off guard.
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