Lake Conroe AquaPalooza this Weekend at The Palms Marina

“AquaPalooza is a free live music concert, from 1 p.m. till after dark, Saturday July 31, 2010 on Lake Conroe. It will be held at The Palms Marina, at 11880 Anchorage Marina Road (The new Palms Marina Drive) at FM 830. The bands are Rosehill and Modoc and a DJ will play songs after the last band stops.”

There could be as many as 2000 patrons attending the event!

I was at the AquaPalooza “Signature Event,” with pop-country star Brad Paisley at Lake Travis earlier this month. There were maybe 10,000+ people in attendance on about 3000+ boats and it went very well. That event was 3 days or so starting on Friday with a Battle of the Bands event. It was set up and handled professionally by the organizers.

“There will be ample parking for the first 120+ boats on 1,200 feet of anchored rope marked by buoys that you can back your boat’s transom up to. Then you just throw out an anchor off the nose of your boat” said Skip Pillsbury from the main event sponsor SeaRay MarineMax. He is located at TMR Marine on SH 105. It will be anchored out in rows in front of the stage which is just west of the A-D docks outside the breakwater at the Palms Marina. He expects this event to be organized as well.

Right in front of the stage is a designated and roped off swimming area where no boats will be allowed which is typical for AquaPalooza events. Zach from Zack’s BBQ will have a station set up where you can purchase great BBQ and Ben Richardson, owner of The Palms Marina said he will have lots of ice and your favorite cold beverages on site at the ship’s store for sale.

Here is a link to an areial photo from the Lake Travis event July 9-11, 2010:

No-Wake Zone Reminder:  Patrols will enforce an extended no-wake zone probably a half a mile out from the boating event parking so idle only anywhere near the marina and other boats. At Lake Travis law enforcement officers were constantly stopping boats for wake violations. Also be ready for boating checks. Have the proper horn or sound making device; life jackets in the hand of everyone on the boat; proper insurance and registration papers which could be requested by officers. Remember they are there just to make sure that everyone stays safe.

No-refusal while boating!

Law enforcement officers from several jurisdictions will be working together during a no-refusal boating while intoxicated program Saturday at the lake. The Houston Police Department will have one of its BAT-mobiles that can give immediate results of mandatory blood alcohol tests when you refuse to take the breathalyzer test.

This AquaPalooza concert is only accessible to the public by boat. So you have a couple of days to buddy up with someone who does have a boat if you don’t.

As of Wednesday 250 boats have registered online to attend. To register go to the site at The Palms Marina

What to Bring:

• A bow anchor and a stern anchor if possible
• Extra fenders
• Extra lines
• Food, drinks and Sunscreen for your entire party!

*Please make sure that you have all of the necessary safety equipment and navigation lights are functioning.

*Please remember this is a family event, so please be respectful of your neighbors.*

If you have any questions, please call Skip Pillsbury at 713-828-3925 or email
See you on the water!

The band Rosehill, which is ranked 35 on the Texas music charts, will perform from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Modoc from Nashville will perform at 4 p.m.

A disc jockey will play music from 7-9 PM. Then on an inflatable screen there will be a showing of “Ace Ventura – Pet Detective”.

Please be safe and watch out for others.

Hope to see you there!


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