Hwy 105 at April Sound - Please Slow Down

April 2015 Highway 105

April 2015 Highway 105

I have lived in Montgomery County near Hwy 105 for about 13 years. The traffic has consistently grown each year. That just comes with the growth of the area.

What has not grown is the caution drivers use while driving on this highway.

I cannot count how many times there has been a tragic accident at the intersection of 105 and April Sound. Following an accident with a fatality about a year or two ago, a blinking yellow caution light was installed to give drivers advanced warning about the traffic intersection.

However, just this weekend another accident occurred where someone was killed.  Here was the headline from the Houston Chronicle: “Photos detail horrific fatal accident in Montgomery County”

To get this under control what can the Department of Transportation, Montgomery County, or Conroe Police do?

speed limitA study was conducted in Germany on this very subject. The controversy that got the research going was over the speed limit on the autobahn. Yes, there is a speed limit of 80 mph on the autobahn. But, it is not strictly enforced. With their rising number of car accidents with fatalities, they decided to figure out how to reduce the numbers of deaths on their highways.

Here are some of the recommendations they came up with:

  1. Enforcing speed limits
  2. Enforcing tail gating
  3. Increased police presence on the roads
  4. Safety seat belts: all passengers, all roads
  5. Driver’s license suspensions for serious offenders
  6. Increased possibility for penalties for traffic offenders
  7. Insurance premiums linked to traffic penalties
  8. Alcohol breathalyzer test
  9. Children’s seats
  10. Air bags
  11. School crossing guards
  12. Wearing reflective stripes on clothing
  13. Speed monitors (technographs) for trucks
  14. Demanding automobile checks
  15. Mandatory headlights for heavy vehicles all hours of the day
  16. Adopting American vehicle safety standards: restraints, locks, gas tanks, head supports, bumpers, stopping lights
  17. Panoramic mirrors
  18. Air conditioning for buses, trucks, and cabs
  19. Reflective stripes for cars
  20. Replacement of defective parts initiated by car makers
  21. Encouraging use of public transportation
  22. Special bicycle lanes
  23. Mandatory helmets for bicycler
  24. Pedestrian paths
  25. Speed bumps
  26. Traffic lights for pedestrian crossings
  27. Traffic islands
  28. Well colored lane markings
  29. Reflective lane markings
  30. Separated lanes for inter-city roads
  31. Increased friction on dangerous roads
  32. Automatic barriers at intersections with railroad tracks
  33. Replacing metal poles with plastic
  34. Separate lanes for heavy vehicles
  35. First aid instruction for the general population
  36. Increased safety research  (source)

The most effective and practical way to reduce the number of accidents on the road, according to the study, is to enforce speed limits and have more police traffic patrol cars in the areas most prone to these horrible accidents.

The visible presence of law enforcement tends to make drivers more aware of their driving habits. Thereby reducing accidents.

To make that happen the county, state, and city governments need more money, more officers, and more cars. And we as citizens must support any tax, bond, or budget increases to get this done.

The next thing that could help would be to reduce the speed limit.  Reducing the speed limit would make drivers more aware of their need to drive carefully through certain areas and as a result, fewer accidents.

Please, let’s slow it down on some areas of Hwy 105. No more horrible headlines.
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