Galveston Power Plant of the Future

by: Wayne Stroman CIPS, TRC, President, Stroman Realty, Inc.

Could the city of Galveston return power to Texas and the nation with several power plants located near the beach? Are you thinking of wave action as a way to generate power? Wave action can be harnessed to produce power but I am talking about the salt water as the resource. Water has all the elements needed to produce massive energy that is locked up in the water molecule.

Someone discovered that when electricity runs through salt water (H2O) it starts an electrolysis process. The bi-product of this is hydrogen, oxygen and some salt. Add an ignition source to the hydrogen and oxygen and they burn very efficiently. You can use the heat to run steam turbine electric generators and to distill salt water.

This solves two types of problems. First Galveston’s groundwater as brackish and having distilled or pure water is a bonus. Galveston gets its water from inland towards Houston. The water has to be piped onto the island for the municipal water supply.

Second all the electricity for the island comes from inland as well. So power lines coming from a power plant inland transmit all the energy used by Galveston residents, vacationers and businesses.

So if Galveston could produce electricity and clean water from seawater then costs would be lower for those utilities.  The extra resources could be sold to other municipalities and fuel dealers. 

It gets better. The hydrogen could be used to power hybrid (hydrogen) vehicles. Some of the municipal water mains that bring water to Galveston could be reversed to pump salt water directly to Houston area fuel stations where the electrolysis process could convert it to hydrogen and oxygen to power vehicles. The fuel stations could also bottle distilled water.

Probably anywhere on earth that there is salt water you could build such plants.

The process described here is not efficient yet. New technologies will be created soon that will make this possibly one of the major energy breakthroughs of the next decade.

This would reduce the worldwide need for coal, oil and natural gas for power generation and vehicle fueling.  Using hydrogen reduces greenhouse gasses thereby helping the environment.  The ultimate benefit may be clean air.

I could use some of that!

Wayne Stroman CIPS, TRC, President, Stroman Realty, Inc. 

Houston Association of REALTORS®, Vice Chair 

Your Lake Conroe Area Specialist!


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