Waterpoint Marina on Lake Conroe Expands with Floating Docks and Breakwater

Floating docks at Waterpoint Marina on Lake Conroe 1

This marina off Hwy 105 on Lake Conroe was opened over a year ago and management is working now to complete the docks.  They are installing a “floating system” that will tie the end of the new main dock into a very long breakwater. The approximate 1200 foot long breakwater floats […]

LCA PRESIDENT’S UPDATE for July 11, 2011

 We’re hoping our LCA Members are enjoying 2011 and dealing with the multitude of extreme weather conditions being thrown at us by Mother Nature.  We’ve seen repeated record temperatures throughout June and an extended drought that has browned our grasses, damaged our trees and dropped our lake level more than three (3) feet.  Would you […]